About Nemain Ravenwood

First of all, I am female.
I mention this, because obviously a lot of people think only male artists could do pin up or fetish art. Well, I can do this too :-)

I was born in Düsseldorf, but moved away when I was grown up. Now Saarbrücken, a city close to the french frontier, is my realm. Fetish art is just a part of my life, because I own a marketing agency and successfully run my own Poser store.

  About her Art

I started with Poser4 in 2002 because I wanted to do my own roleplay avatars. First I came up with simple renders and then developed more and more into pin up and gothic style renders.


I only accept commissions for projects I like.

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  Welcome to my own shrine on the internet.

Here you can worship me if you like or just enjoy your stay and see what I create.

The galleries will be updated on a regular basis, some images will be only seen here and not published in any other galleries.

Enjoy your stay... you have nothing to lose than your soul...


You are a Poser artist and interested in some of the outfits I use, then please visit my digital fetish manufactory SynfulMindz.com.

There you can find some of the best digital fetish outfits.


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